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Watch Sitel TV Online Macedonian that is an entertainment channel and second private television station in Macedonia. It was established on 22 January 1993 and owned SBS Broadcasting Group, ProSiebenSat.1 Media. In 2007 Sitel TV started broadcasting via satellite all over the world but currently it is available on Eutelsat W2 and Intelsat 901 in Europe, USA, Australia, and Canada.

The channel has 150 employees and a large number of correspondents and external cooperators. According to a report, it is the most watched television channel in Macedonia and replaced the previously popular channel A1. Sitel TV broadcast their programs in Macedonia language.

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Sitel Television was founded on 22 January 1993, as the second private and independent TV station in North Macedonia. The current number of employees is approximately 150 (managing and editorial board, journalists, reporters, announcers, technical staff, marketing and administration) and there are also a large number of correspondents and external cooperators. Sitel TV airs many types of genres, including information, culture, arts, documentaries, entertainment, sports and children's programs. However, the main output is "Informative programming", which includes central news bulletins aired at 19:00 and 23:00 (or 23:15), short news aired at 16:00, as well as round tables, interviews and dialogues. Recent polls of Macedonian viewers suggest that Sitel TV is the most watched television broadcaster in North Macedonia since the previously most popular A1 channel has slipped into insolvency. In the beginning of 2007, Sitel TV began broadcasting its program over a satellite that covers everywhere in the world. Currently, it broadcasts on Eutelsat W2 and Intelsat 901 to audiences in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.


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