A Spor

A Spor is a Turkish sports channel, watch A Spor live stream from Turkey. Watch Turkish sports tv channel A Spor live online.

A Spor is a sports channel owned by Kalyon Group within Zirve Holding. The channel, which was planned to start broadcasting on July 15, 2014, started broadcasting on September 18, 2014, after the transition to Türksat 4A satellite was postponed. In addition to Turkish Cup matches, it broadcasts summaries of Super League matches together with TRT. News, comments and discussion programs in every branch of sports are broadcast on this channel. At the same time, it became Turkey's fifth unencrypted sports channel after A Spor, TRT Spor, NTV Spor, Fenerbahçe TV and Sportstv. It has also become the first unencrypted HD sports channel in Turkey's broadcasting history and also broadcasts simultaneously with A Spor Radyo.

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