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Real Madrid TV

Real Madrid TV is the official television channel of the Spanish club Real Madrid. Sky Digital 446. it was being broadcast on the channel. On August 5, 2010, it cut off its broadcast with Sky Digital. English Spanish and English languages are broadcast on the channel.

Real Madrid TV is a free digital television channel, operated by Real Madrid specialising in the Spanish football club. The channel is available in Spanish and English. It is located at Ciudad Real Madrid in Valdebebas, Real Madrid's training centre.

RMTV broadcasts interviews with players and staff, full matches, including all La Liga games, news and games of the Real Madrid basketball team, live matches of the reserve and academy games and "classic" matches plus footballing news and other themed programming. The station also broadcasts all of the team's pre-season friendly matches.

"Real Madrid Television", a pioneering football and basketball channel in Spain, emerged in 1998 at the initiative of Sogecable, a PRISA Group company, which held all the exploitation rights of the channel until 2001, the year it became entirely controlled. for the club. The channel was launched on February 15, 1999, through dial 55 of the Canal Satélite Digital platform.3

The Sogecable management team that launched the channel was headed by journalist Javier Ares, its first director, supported by Roberto Saura (head of production) and Juan Carlos Soriano (head of production). The rest of the staff belonged to the audiovisual services company Royal Media, a subsidiary of Mediapro. Subsequently, the ownership of the channel was shared equally by Sogecable and Real Madrid, which for this purpose created the company "Real Madrid Audiovisual."