RT Doc (RT Д) Live Stream

RT Doc

RT Documentary online, or simply RT D live is a Russian-language free-to-air documentary channel. It is available in English and Russian. The channel was launched by Dmitry Medvedev, the former President of Russia. It covers a variety of topics such as Russian culture and Russian life. It shows documentaries mostly about Russia, but also from other parts of the world.

Thousand-strong caravans marching to the border with the United States have made international headlines since October 2018. Men, women, and children from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and beyond make their way through Mexico, enduring bleak conditions of life on the road. They flee persecution, poverty and crime in their home countries, guided by hope for a better future in America. RTD travels to the Mexico-Guatemala border to meet migrants who joined US-bound caravans. Some are yet to cross into Mexico; others are waiting for humanitarian visas in Mexico's Mapastepec city. While hundreds of thousands are caught at the very doorstep to the US, they all remain undeterred and determined to continue their arduous journey.

Documentary channel RT Doc joined the RT news family in 2011. Since then, RT Doc has produced and broadcasted more than 500 films — about private struggles and global milestones, the human soul and expanses of nature, tales from the past and events unfolding right before our eyes. Our filmmakers travelled far and wide to bring to RT’s international viewers stories that are as diverse as they are. From Israel to Syria, from Flint, Michigan to the Faroe Islands, from China to the deepest corners of Siberia, RT Doc brings forth the most compelling profiles of people and communities. RT Doc’s work has been recognized for excellence by the world’s top media awards and industry groups, including the New York Festivals, the Association for International Broadcasting, Telly Awards, OMNI Intermedia Awards. Look inside RT Doc — and discover stories that matter.