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RT America is a part of RT Network based in Washington D.C and started in 2010. The channel focuses on covering news with an alternative perspective in the United States. American journalists host the programs of a channel. It also has studios in Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. RT America is a production home of RT’s U.S based programs. The channel more focuses on the domestic political, economic and social issues in the US.  RT America can be seen by satellite and cable and also provide online by websites. The RT America runs a campaign Question More which wins the industry award in Britain.

Watch RT America News Live Stream

You are at right place to watch RT America News (HD) TV channel live streaming that is telecasting from the united states.

RT America News network won the Monte Carlo TV Festival awards for 24 hours newscast. It is the only Russian TV channel which wins the International Emmy Award four times for news. In 2010 RT was nominated for coverage the Barack Obama’s visit to Moscow first time. The channel gives coverage in 2012 to occupy Wall Street protests in America. The past of RT America is full of successes.

It was also nominated for 2011, and 2014 series on a Guantanamo Bay inmates hunger strike. The fourth nomination of the channel is in 2016 for producing a series of the 70th session of the UN General Assembly. RT America won many awards for documentaries and News programs from New York Festivals. Recently the channel won the home 37 international media awards 2016.



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